Optimization from information

Software systems for powerful data analytics

Collection & Transformation

The right tools to efficiently & accurately collect your lab and DCS data and transform it into actionable information

Data Mining

Discover and eliminate parasitic defects in your business or process that are leeching off your profits


Your time is valuable and a picture is worth a million numbers

Cloud Based

Offload the burdensome IT infrastructure and management requirements so you can focus on your business

Products & Services


Gain new insights into your fermentation-based manufacturing process to eliminate defects and maintain predictable results


Let PMT help you optimize your product pricing on a per-customer, per-product basis


Six Sigma

Learn how Six Sigma principles and partnerships augment the development and use of our products to help you attain higher yields or better pricing

As a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, I have been in hundreds of plants around the world consulting to improve their process and save them money. When I had the good fortune of working with my first ethanol plant who was using CFIMS for their data management, my job became most productive and rewarding. If you need to squeeze every last drop of product from your feedstock, CFIMS is a must-have.

James Frugé

I have had the pleasure of using CFIMS at multiple ethanol plants. I can say that it is easily the best system I have seen for helping to achieve and maintain a low-variance, high-yield process. It is very easy to use and allows technical people to get accurate data to drive the process improvement projects. I now recommend it to every plant I visit.

Raul Gamboa